Friday, September 14, 2012

What is MCA's Income Opportunity?"

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Motor Club Of America

MCA Has Been A Trusted Name Since 1926
And We Are Growing Faster Than AAA
In The U.S. And Canada!

MCA Will Pay You $80.00 Per Sale!
And... YOU Get Paid WEEKLY!!

Let's Do The Math..

Make 1 Sale A Day = $560.00 Per Week!
3 Sales A Day = $1,680.00 Per Week! 



In October of 2011, with the help of TVC Marketing Associates, Motor Club of America's Protection Plan has been redesigned and custom tailored to also work for the every day driver.


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When signed up for MCA's go best now package you get 80$ for every single person you refer to sign up for Motor Club of America's benefits,  MCA pays weekly every Friday direct deposit or mailed company check.

Many people are earning from $500 - $2500 dollars every week while building a team of members to gain long term passive income.

Motor Club of America ~ A New Home Business For Everyone ~ Call me (Cody Smith)   1-805-364-2639

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As far as the "hype" factor is concerned the Motor Club of America in conjunction with TVC has put together a VERY lucrative compensation plan that doubles each member associate referrer payout each week. When a Motor Club of America member shares the MCA membership benefits package with anyone, Motor Club of America will pay the associate member double. Let's say that an MCA member shares the member benefits package with someone, and that person decides to take advantage of the MCA package, and purchases a Motor Club of America "Total Security Plan" by simply prepaying for two months at $40 the MCA member who referred that person to the program will receive a check from MCA for $80 in the week following either by UPS or direct deposit.

HYPE? No... MCA has built up a lot of good "buzz" since this is the only compensation plan within the industry. You may be asking yourself, how MCA can offer such an incredible compensation pan without going out of business, and the answer is this... Motor Club of America has been in business for 86 years since 1926 which means that the company is well respected, trusted, and managed extremely well, and they have done their homework in knowing that members retain their memberships for well over 2 months due to the array of benefits being offered at an affordable price ($19.95 per month) that fits everyone's budget.

In concluding this PR the fact is that Motor Club of America is NOT "hype", and it's definitely NOT a scam.  A company with the longevity as the Motor Club of America has earned it's trusted name on quality, affordability, hard work, and coming through for it's members for close to 100 years.

Get your "Motor Club of America" MCA Total Security Plan, and double your money by next week by simply sharing your membership benefits with everyone you come in contact with online, and off by "Get Started" at the bottom.  

Motor Club of America: You may call our toll free number 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  1-800-227-6459 .